Home Brew, the New Gold Standard in Beer & Wine!

We all have a story of an uncle or relative that made homebrew in days gone by, which was usually barely drinkable.  You probably drank it down, just to be nice.

Thankfully, the homebrew market has come a LONG way since then.

I can assure you that the home beer & wine making products of today are far superior to what you may have tasted in the past.  Our beer can easily compete in the craft brew market, and our wines are white label from a major supplier to wine store shelves.  Both the beer & wine is of excellent quality!

We currently sell white label wine kits, which come from a major supplier of wine to the retail wine market. This practice is very common among retailers; Costco, Superstore, Walmart (to name a few) all have white label food products which are supplied from major distributors and labelled as a “House Brand”.

We also offer a Wine Satisfaction Guarantee! If you aren’t satisfied with your wine on bottling day, we’ll replace it, either with the same varietal, or another one of your choosing.

By making your own beer, wine, or cider at Wine Kitz, you’ll save not only on your carbon footprint (by reusing bottles), but you’ll also save $100’s in costs! We can even make it for you! No mess, no smells, no equipment to buy, and you keep the space in your house.

I’ve been a home beer maker for over 12 years, and all my friends have all told me that they love my beer!  From the die-hard Molson Canadian drinkers, to the whiskey drinkers, to the finer palate of the ladies.  Making my own beer is easy, it’s low cost, and I get a much better product than I can buy at retail.

You may have noticed in life that a little bit of planning and a small amount of effort, usually saves money!  I spend about an hour making beer and I save hundreds of dollars vs. retail!

Cheers to saving money AND making a better product!